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  • loneliness gets old pretty fast.

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      • Ha, I lawled...


        • Mmmmmmmmmm. Chai. The Assyrian way. The right way.


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            • my girlfriend makes the best chai ever . . . mmmmm . . .
              Originally posted by kata rokkar


              • Originally posted by lmerr
                Bentwig, "are you off your fucking meds?"
                What pot. No I had some today. Thanks.
                His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

                <-----that's me and the fam


                • isn't that a little too close to cannabalism? are you smoking your cousins or something?
                  Originally posted by kata rokkar


                  • That 20 questions game thing is retarded, it couldn't guess apple no matter how many times I played.
                    We'll fuck standing and we'll fuck then lying, if they had wings we'll fuck them flying, when they are dead and long forgotten we'll dig them up and fuck them rotten.
                    Originally posted by auto-de-fe
                    happy birthday, you bastard of bastards.


                    • I don't know, it guessed Pirate, Nachos, Hate, Homosexual, and Dark Matter.


                      • Yea, chances are you answered a question wrong if it didn't guess apple. It can't guess "keg" though.
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                        • And I’m-a go make my bed
                          Tuck in the other side
                          These confessions are mine
                          But I’ll not claim a word

                          This restless parade
                          Yes, I watched it go by
                          Through the cracks in my palm
                          Seen them all gone
                          Some sequence of lives

                          Well, she calls out alone
                          With the pain in her voice
                          It’s the wound of betrayal
                          It’s the weapon of choice

                          Left her heart on display
                          Though that she’ll deny
                          Two tattoos of skin
                          One of ice, one of tin
                          For the days have gone by

                          But I ain’t one to reminisce
                          But close my heart and clench my fists

                          Now the days swiftly pass
                          With a chest full of fear
                          Here the minutes are hours
                          But the moments are years

                          And old acquaintances passed
                          In trios, in pairs
                          And if they stay or they go
                          One struggles to know
                          One struggles to care

                          But out beyond the Ten Tree walls
                          The wind blows hard, the highway crawls

                          And if you should pass the James Hotel
                          Please stop in for I knew you well
                          But that was oh so long ago
                          And I never learned how to let go

                          But when you fear your own faults
                          And you’re sick of this life
                          When you’re reckless of hand
                          And trembling the knife
                          And all your doors prefer locks
                          And your death prefers spoons
                          Why wouldn’t you wait, one last laugh at fate
                          Forever’s too soon

                          But across the field the death bell knells
                          Listen close; hear the toll tell

                          To run and tell my darling true
                          My breath is short
                          My days are few
                          So, please come down
                          And take my hand
                          My last demand

                          And lead me to some slender rest
                          And please dismiss what I confess


                          • You put the boom-boom into my heart
                            You send my soul sky high
                            When your loving starts
                            A jitterbug into my brain
                            It goes a bang-bang
                            Till my feet do the same

                            But something's bugging me
                            Something ain't right
                            My best friend told me what you did last night
                            You left me sleeping in my bed
                            I was dreaming but I should have been with you instead

                            Wake me up before you go-go
                            Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
                            Wake me up before you go-go
                            I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high
                            Wake me up before you go-go
                            'Cos I'm not planning on going solo
                            Wake me up before you go-go
                            Take me dancing tonight

                            You put the grey skies out of my way
                            You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day
                            Turned a bright spark into a flame
                            My beats per minute never been the same

                            'Cos you're my lady
                            I'm your fool
                            It makes me crazy when you act so cruel
                            Come on baby lets not fight
                            We'll go dancing
                            Everything will be alright


                            Cuddle up baby, move in tight
                            We'll go dancing tomorrow night
                            It's cold out there but it's warm in bed
                            They can dance
                            We'll stay at home instead


                            • the wheels on the bus go round and round

                              round and round
                              round and round

                              the wheels on the bus go round and round
                              all through the town

                              see i can post lyrics too
                              Originally posted by Lye In Your Eye
                              you're pretty narcissistic
                              enjoy that, nobody else does.
                              Originally posted by Madklikor
                              You call me ignorant? LOL...Stop judging right you or you're gonna find me


                              • yeah, but i post george michael lyrics.