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  • So, I got a message from the HR dept. at work saying something's missing from my employee record. I find out that it's my TB test results. I'm clean, dammit! I'm clean!


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      • ^^^ That looks like a triple nipple to me.
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        • Ok, so anyway, I posted a rant in the SF show thread. I know when I say I don't care to hear anyone elses opinions on the matter, you guys aren't going to waste your time. I will post my review in here tomorrow morning... or afternoon. Incredibly tired now... good night.


          • Hey, Billy. Sucks about the crowd, but I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Looking forward to reading more of your review.

            And F you, dsv!

            Added after 4 minutes:

            So, today, I was transport at work. Drove 2 girls home. They both live in Chicago - 1 on the West Side, 1 on the South Side. The drive was all right, but sort of slow 'cause of all the damn expressway construction/traffic. Driving back was nice though 'cause I was alone. I could finally listen to something other than rap [not that I have anything against that genre of music, but that's all I ever hear when transporting].

            It feels like a damn Monday, though...

            Added after 1 hours 9 minutes:

            I have a massive crush on . . .

            . . . sssshhhh, don't tell anyone.


            • is that the kid from that 3rd Rock show?


              • Yes it is.

                Added after 30 minutes:

                Ok, here we go.

                Josh and I got into SF around 11... and proceeded to get lost for like 45 minutes before making it to the diner we were meeting Scott(evasive) at. Met his girlfriend, who's very cool in my opinion. I don't normally get along with girls that well, I still have this stigma from a previous relationship that labels all girls whores(which I'll explain if asked, though I've heard the story is much funnier when I'm drunk because I was sober through most of it and it's really not funny at all. However, I digress.)

                We drove around SF for a while doing random things, met Scott's friend, the usual mingling. Finally went into the area of the Fillmore, got some pizza, hung out with more fans (Trevor and his cousin. Zach and his girlfriend.) We made our way to a bar across the street(after being sidetracked), where I proceeded to get drunk and slur my words. I didn't enter the "I AM A GOD!" state, but I was a little bit louder.

                Made our way over to the line and met Rissa(who seemed pretty cool... but I was drunk and thought she was cute) and her friend. Rissa was hanging out with these guys that seemed like new obsessive fans. They were kind of annoying to be honest and had I been drunker, I would have told them so. Drew comes out dressed as a Penguin, people cheer, take pictures. Not many knew it was Drew. They filmed Scott talking about the band. He seems to like dredg, I guess.

                We get in, sit down on the balcony and hang out. We're talking, I say hi to Gavin, Drew comes by and talks to us(I tell him the name of the song). Chi Cheng comes on. I was unexcited at first, but that guy is fucking cool! Great stuff, I think I'll try and pick up his CD at some point. After he's done, we make our way down to the floor and work our way as close as we can. On the way, I see Drew again, tell him to have fun. We get pretty close and then they come out. Music starts, and we have launch. When dredg is playing, I am seriously in a different fucking world. You could punch me in the face and I probably wouldn't do anything about it. All my attention is focused on the music.

                G Warbler(New Jam)
                Bug Eyes
                Ode to the Sun
                Same Ol' Road
                New Hear Shadow

                I lost track around here, but I will get down what I know was played.

                Symbol Song
                Walk in the Park
                Whoa is Me
                Of the Room
                Catch Without Arms
                Not That Simple
                Sang Real
                Planting Seeds
                Jamais Vu
                Hungover on a Tuesday
                Stone by Stone

                Then end with

                The Ornament
                The Canyon Behind Her
                90 Hour Sleep

                There were a bunch of jams in between. One thing I REALLY hope makes it to the album is the jam they played out from Jamais Vu. Everytime I hear that I'm so blown away. It's just incredible.

                A few times, when it was quiet, people were screaming random stuff, I assume hoping to get on the CD. Morons. At some point, some screams "Fuck you Drew" and he yells it back, laughing. Drew tosses a beer against the back drop. Dino has beer poured into his mouth while he plays. Gavin introduces things, thanks everyone for coming. He didn't interact with the crowd too much. Drumsticks flying everywhere. I think at some point, Drew made a paper airplane out of a set list and threw it in the crowd. Drew was on stage the longest after the show was finally over. Dino came back out and threw the trees into the audience. Everyone broke the tree into pieces, people fought over them(including Josh). I just walked up to one, ripped a piece off and made my way out. The lights were REALLY good at this show. I don't ever really pay attention, but they were really well done this time around.

                All that crowd crap sucked, but overall I had a great time. I can't wait for the next show which will be a very long time from now.

                And since I like you guys(except zah), the name of the song is:

                Vague Clues and Long Days.

                That's right, you guys witnessed it's birth and that's what we decided to go with.


                • Sweet, nice review. Oh and the bit about only liking the people in the ....... thread, that was real sweet Gnomad, you big softie.

                  Added after 10 minutes:

                  Awww man, my question for drew got deleted. The one where I asked drew to disregard emptyzero's request that the band hook up with A Whisper in the Noise. Damn joke nazis, always on the case.
                  We'll fuck standing and we'll fuck then lying, if they had wings we'll fuck them flying, when they are dead and long forgotten we'll dig them up and fuck them rotten.
                  Originally posted by auto-de-fe
                  happy birthday, you bastard of bastards.


                  • Originally posted by Gnomad
                    And since I like you guys (except zah), the name of the song is:

                    Vague Clues and Long Days.

                    That's right, you guys witnessed it's birth and that's what we decided to go with.
                    We sure did (page 313).

                    Nice review.

                    Much love and all that crap.

                    Added after 1 minutes:

                    Originally posted by BuddyGoodness
                    Awww man, my question for drew got deleted.
                    Yeah, I had noticed that.


                    • Shit BentTwig Where have you been?

                      I dunno.
                      His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

                      <-----that's me and the fam


                      • Is Shit BentTwig your new name?


                        • no thats your new name.

                          So I found out that I'm prob not going to Cali this summer, and I'm royally bummed. I'm just gonna work in chicago which is too familiar. I wanna get out of this Midwest shithole so bad.
                          His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

                          <-----that's me and the fam


                          • It's not that much better here... that's a shame, though... we could have hung out... and you could have had your chance to shank me...


                            • I dont know what you mean by shank, but I don't think I want to know.
                              His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

                              <-----that's me and the fam


                              • It's prison lingo for... well, you can just use your imagination... it's probably worse than what it really is...