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    god, John Congleton makes some of the most interesting and gloriously absurd music.

    You've probably heard his work, having produced some very successful albums by Modest Mouse, Explosions in the Sky, The Mountain Goats, The Roots, and Chin up chin up. Last year he produced a great album by The Appleseed Cast, Perigrine. Most recently, the new album by The Polyphonic Spree was done by Congleton.

    More importantly, Congleton heads up the band The Paper Chase. I really enjoyed their last album (Now You Are One Of Us, fantastic), and as I've been spinning it some more this week, I thought I'd make a topic. This is what I wrote about their album from last year:

    One of the most unique releases of 2006 comes from The pAper chAse. Singer, guitarist and principle songwriter John Congleton is the mastermind behind the creations of this unusual group, which sounds like a strange cross between Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Modest Mouse at their most odd. Strangely catchy melodies emanate from this odd contraption of discordant piano and twisted guitar rhythms, with paranoid, neurotic lyrics so absurd that they’re impossible to take at face value. The over-the-top nature of the songs makes them fun though, and eventually this strangely glorious album begins to make perfect sense.

    Anyone who's curiuos should check this out. I would consider it "difficult" listening the first time through, but if you spin it twice, you'll hopefully catch on.


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    know a guy in the Dream Theater fanbase whose really into them. I've had some of their work on my HD for over a year ever since he sent me it. Heard them on the local college station a few times as well. Just haven't invested a ton of time with it, never grabbed me much. I probably should give it a bit more of a chance.

    Didn't realize he worked on the last TAC and the new Spree record.



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      I love the paper chase and John Congleton.


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        holy shit, some pretty odd stuff, but really good!

        thanks for sharing!
        Originally posted by kata rokkar


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          Highly recommended

          Essays (1999)
          And the Machines Are Winning... (1999)
          Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know (2000)
          Cntrl-Alt-Delete-U (2001)
          Hide the Kitchen Knives (2002)
          What Big Teeth You Have (2004)
          Split with Red Worms Farm (2004)
          Split with Will Johnson (2004)
          God Bless Your Black Heart (2004)
          Split with Xiu Xiu (2005)
          Now You Are One of Us (2006)

          They also have a song on a comp that was released to benefit the mayoral campaign of someone in Dallas or somewhere else in TX, can't remember the city. That might be the most recent song to be released.


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            Ok, I've only listened to the pAper chAse once and I was NOT a fan. To be fair, they were opening up for Explosions in the Sky and I was not in the mood for that sort of, um, interesting music...

            ...I don't know if they are a bad live band or if they possibly just had a bad night but I really left that night amazed that people actually like them. Has anybody else seen them live?

            Unique? Most Definitely... Maybe it just isn't my cup of tea..
            Originally posted by Ars Sycro
            I have a type. I like hot bitches.


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              Because Congleton spends so much time working on other people's msuc, they don't tour as often as most full-time bands. I really wanted to catch them with EITS, but couldn't make it.
              The album production is incredibly complex and dense, so I imagine it doesn't come across the same way live. Plus, it's also NOT the kind of music that can be appreciated hearing it once.

              My next favorite album after Now You Are One Of Us is Hide the Kitchen Knives. I'm Going to Spend the Rest of My Life Lying and Aliveralungakidneyathumb are awesome songs.


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                I thought the opening set I saw on the EITS tour was great but I guess it probably helped that I was into the music beforehand and looking forward to seeing them.

                I guess for me it started with what he is saying. I enjoyed/enjoy the music too but the lyrics were the doorway - eh me getting into more of the music. granted, it sometimes gets a bit repetitive but I still appreciate much of it.