- i'll never leave this place, the place where i was born.

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"Is there a logic to be found in every painting and in every work of art, a design pleasurably acceptable to the intelligence, details gathered unerringly, in a coherent, rounded arrangement?--and is there that which moves a person, stirs him in no confined way, pervades him with the serenity and discontent of reality, brings emotion to him and causes it to be in him?"

Here we take an in-depth look at the albums by dredg.  We took clues and hints from the official dredg website left by the band members, use the booklet for the album, receive help from others, look up related information dealing with the concept of the record, have even gotten help from the band themselves.  I want to make one thing clear however, and that is; this is in no way 100% accurate, and there is no perfect answer to all the information provided, or all the ideas supplied in each album.  Please feel free to post any additional information you may have found about the albums, songs, or ideas on the message board.

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