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Madrid, Spain - Sal Caracol

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  • Madrid, Spain - Sal Caracol

    Location: Madrid, Spain
    Venue: Sal Caracol
    Time: 7:00 pm

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    Re: Madrid, Spain - Sal Caracol

    This show changed venue.

    Thursday, June 23 2011
    Sala Heineken - Madrid
    20:00 - Opening time.
    20:10 - Trestrece
    20:55 - Tenpel
    21:55 - Dredg

    I'm going alone from Portugal, anyone going from here? Don't know if any spanish fans post here.


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      Re: Madrid, Spain - Sal Caracol

      The show was great as expected, i arrived in Madrid at 4 pm, and was flying back 6 am the next day, but a dredg show is worth all the sacrifices i make to attend it.

      The setlist was the same they played all tour, there was some sound issues early on specially on Bug Eyes, but all was solved.

      The new songs sounded good live, althought they didn't played any of the songs i skip on the new album. Another Tribe was actually a good opener and they killed Upon Returning live which is my favourite song from this new one.

      From what i gathered from the crowd reactions Bug Eyes and Information must have been radio hits there, the place was packed which was a bit surprising in a good way.

      The venue was really cool too, whish we had a place like that here in Portugal, there's a few that come close but are not that big. All the promoters care around here are the festivals now, smaller venue shows are more and more rare, because the big sponsor summer festivals are the big money makers, no one makes money from smaller indie shows and this is already heading into the conversation i had with Drew after the show......

      He was the only one that came out after the show and we chatted for a few minutes, mostly about me trying to bring them to play in Portugal and about this tour.

      Maybe someday they will come.

      The spanish openers were decent, specially Tenpel.

      I filmed some videos, although there's much better quality ones in youtube:


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        Re: Madrid, Spain - Sal Caracol

        Thanks for the impressions. It's fun to see such packed houses for dredg shows all across the globe.