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CBGB's New York, NY, United States

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  • CBGB's New York, NY, United States

    Set: It Only Took A Day, Symbol Song, Same Ol' Road, Sanzen, Whoa Is Me, Improv, Improv

    Notes: Played w/ Codeseven, This Day Forward and In Pieces. Drew becomes upset because there are problems with his bass, and the venue kicks him out, and assumingly the rest of the band performs two quick improvs to finish out the set including Jackin off with my Microphone.
    - Jon

    Originally posted by gderd
    dredg is the music I always searched for, the music that keeps in your mind the whole time, the music you remember when you're doing everything, it's the different music. the heart music

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    Re: CBGB's New York, NY, United States

    I need a little help with this one. I have two different sources of audio recordings for this show. One is a low quality mpeg stream from CBGB's website and the other is a sony mic, minidisc recording from the audience. I want to mix them together and try and build/recover a really good matrix (or as good as it can get) recording of the two. The mpeg stream from CBGB's website is generous in bass, vocals and drums, but is severely "washed out" for the entire recording. It's worth noting that this might actually be the worst show that dredg played that was recorded (although they were having a real off night in Milwaukee back in '04 due to Gavin being sick as hell (worst show I had seen of them, but I still had a killer night!) The intent is to share these recordings with all.