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    Does anybody actually KNOW what tuning Mark is playing in when he plays his telecaster. I've had a close look at the Bug Eyes video clip, and in that he is playing in D (all strings dropped two steps), and Bug Eyes can be played properly in that tuning without worries.

    Now my problem comes in when i try to play ode to the sun in D... In the Chorus, there is that low note (Db) which sounds like it is played on the guitar on the album. However, when Mark plays it live, it seems that he doesnt hit the low E string on that Db note... he kinda changes it up a bit with some high notes....

    So in conclusion, I think he must have changed his tunings around a bit for each of the telecaster songs (ode, bug, hungover, etc. etc.) I havent really looked at hungover just yet...

    And as far as i know he keeps his Gibson SG in Standard E tuning.

    Anybody agree? or has anybody concluded otherwise about the tunings of these songs?


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    a few things...

    first i'm POSITIVE the Telecaster is kept in DGCFAD, all strings tuned ONE step down, or two half-steps. the easiest time to tell this for sure is during Sangreal, when there are open strings being played.

    during the chorus in Ode, there is a D# (a power chord played on the first fret of the top string, and the third fret of the next two), the lowest chord in the song.

    the SGs are both kept in standard EADGBE, but the older, cherry SG has the D string removed.


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      re: Tunings

      I hear the powerchord your talking about.... but what about the chord that comes next? The one that starts at 1:30... it COULD be the bass playing the low D flat... but it sounds like the guitar is involved... however, i can hear that it isnt playing a powerchord... there are some differing notes on the higher strings.

      I COULD be wrong... and probably am... and if i am, can you tell me that chord he is playing there?