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  • wastedpages
    Re: Hello!

    In the words of Gavin.

    Nice Dick

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  • Roxas
    started a topic Hello!


    I've been apart of Dredg for quite some time, been listening to them since roughly 2012~ and only loved learning more and more about them.

    The sense of bewilderment when I first listened to Leitmotif, along with the inquisitiveness when I first heard El Cielo still affects me to this day, and I can't help but to adore this band more than I probably should haha.

    Regardless Hi! I'm here, been here for a little while and just now decided to make on of these, you have Page to thank for that.

    Favourite Album: CWA (Only because it's the album that got me into dredg, if not for that I'd have to say my first is tied with El Cielo

    Favourite Song: Hungover On A Tuesday (Only because it's the song that got me into Dredg, if not for that I'd have to say my favourite song is tied with Sanzen)

    Hope this wasn't too much of a big post to read