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So, I just got an email from DOE requesting us to set up a press op for the POTUS

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  • So, I just got an email from DOE requesting us to set up a press op for the POTUS

    My suggestion is to make a bonfire with the insane amount of paperwork created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. I really would like to respond sarcastically.

    One of the suggested ones from the very top:

    Any Walmart location. Site Visit to Highlight Efficiency in Buildings & Manufacturing: In recent years, Walmart has been working to increase energy efficiency at its stores and across its supply chain. Walmart’s Supplier Energy Efficiency Program provides support to supplies to use energy efficiency to reduce the cost of their manufacturing. Walmart has a corporate goal “To be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy.” On April 18, Walmart is hosting a Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting in Arkansas. In January, the EPA named Walmart the nation’s # 2 purchaser of green power among retailers, # 2 on-site green power generators, #3 on the list of the top 50 largest green power purchasers, and #3 purchaser of green power among FORTUNE 500 companies.

    Seriously, you need our help going to Wal-Mart?
    Supporter or not, it would still be interesting to meet the President.
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