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  • Ha. Those guys said that Gavin can't sing, Dino can't drum, and dredg sucks. Lets kick some ass.

    Added after 3 minutes:

    or chew bubble gum.

    but I'm all out of gum
    His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

    <-----that's me and the fam


    • I have no bubble gum.

      HAHAHAHA that Steve dude is depressed about AFI sucking
      Their singer is confused. Very confused.


      • Originally posted by zah
        JS, I saw your original monkey picture. It sucked ass.......literally.
        haha i'm glad someone got to see it . . . wonder why it wasn't working for me???
        Originally posted by kata rokkar


        • Originally posted by jsbedlam
          wonder why it wasn't working for me???
          Please... don't tell us about your bedroom love mishaps. Too much info

          Added after 4 hours 14 minutes:

          Shit I hate when plans get cancelled. Now I'm stuck at home bored here and typing.

          We should start some sort of competition in here. Hmmmm let me think. Oh how about we see who can find the craziest/funniest/weirdest/hilarious picture on the web and by 12:00 am on, lets say Wednesday, we claim a winner.

          Prize will be your picture getting put permanately on my signature, (Or yours if you prefer, or something better if we can come up with it)

          Added after 4 minutes:

          Here's a start for me

          Added after 2 minutes:

          Ok weird. I typed in funny pictures for yahoo images and almost 95% of all pictures have animals in them.

          Added after 56 seconds:

          His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

          <-----that's me and the fam


          • This one just kills me... not that funny... but I could die of laughter staring at it for too long...


            • That should be cruelty to animals.
              His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

              <-----that's me and the fam




                • Welcome to 100% talk radio! Talk radio all the time, everytime!


                  • Talk radio is great... nothing like listening to idiots stating their ridiculous opinions on shit no one really cares about...

                    Added after 55 seconds:

                    On a side note, I'm going to be starting up a Podcast to join the ranks of all morons... what can I say, we know our own kind.


                    • SB - FUCKING SAY SOMETHING!!!
                      R - I'm cookin' up.

                      So, here's my show review (copy and pasted, not edited):

                      Acoustic Set List
                      Last Caress
                      Eddie Vedder
                      Scott Rock
                      Keep Your Girlfriend
                      Dead Flowers (w/ harmonica)
                      Hey, Rita
                      All The Kids Are Right

                      Band Set List
                      Hands on the Bible
                      Bound for the Floor
                      Heaven on the Way Down
                      Fine and Good
                      Everyone Alive (w/ Gabe)
                      Money on the Dresser (w/ harmonica)
                      Cooler Heads
                      Cool Magnet
                      All Right [I don't remember hearing this, but I have it down, so...]
                      Fritz's Corner
                      High 5in -- Halcion Daze
                      I Saw What You Did (w/ Gabe)
                      Summer Boats
                      CA Songs
                      What Would You Have Me Do?

                      [Feel free to correct me...]

                      Good show. Great set. Lots of energy. Good to see Gabe there. And I always love when they play "Joey."

                      Best part though: I got to stand next to Todd (dumbsocks) the entire fucking show. That's all that matters. He's a cool guy, minus the pinching.

                      P.Sx1. The acoustic set was awesome. Can't wait to see more of those...

                      P.Sx2. Gil, for real, I looked for ya.

                      P.Sx3. Nice running into ya on the way down, Dewey.


                      • .......................
                        We'll fuck standing and we'll fuck then lying, if they had wings we'll fuck them flying, when they are dead and long forgotten we'll dig them up and fuck them rotten.
                        Originally posted by auto-de-fe
                        happy birthday, you bastard of bastards.


                        • My GOD, do girls use a lot of smileys in single posts or what?


                          • re: ................

                            Glad you had a good time, zah.




                            • Ooga I have to ask: how/why have you hidden everything but 'ooga' and mario constantly chasing some coins (so close, yet so far). What are you hiding? A secret of some sort? Drugs? The meaning of life? Nothing? A unicorn? Your post count? What? Why?


                              • re: ................

                                I'm hidden?

                                I didn't even realize it.