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  • i'm with you two on this one . . . whenever i see one of those creepy little bastards, i jump & freak out for a second and then i kill it . . . about 20 times . . . just to make sure it's really dead . . . 'cause those things are evil & i'm pretty sure they come back to life the first few times they die . . .
    Originally posted by kata rokkar


    • I'm a pacifist to the bone, I'm scared shitless of spiders, yet I still couldn't kill one.... I'm the guy that couldn't hurt a fly :/


      • I hate them and have to kill 'em, but I don't like when they suffer. So, I always make sure they really die.

        Well, minus the time I set a spider on fire. At the time, it was enjoyable. In retrospect, I felt/feel bad.


        • o.k . Officially the craziest thing ever happened. I'm reading about all this spider nonsense, and how one landed on zah, and then I see something land on my shoulder, and guess what it is, a mother fucking spider.

          I was first more worried about it getting near my pizza, but once my pizza was safe I was able to do the jumping dance that people do when a bug gets on them. Don't panic though, I made sure I hit it with a fly swatter, smashed it between like 8 rolls of paper towels, and then flushed it.
          His names BentTwig... He's not right... in the head.

          <-----that's me and the fam


          • You guys are making me seriously paranoid


            • ................

              tonight's spelling bee championship odds:

              Will the Winner Be Male or Female?
              Male 5/7
              Female 5/4

              Will the Winner Be Listed as "Homeschooled"?
              No 1/3
              Yes 5/2

              Will the Winner Be Wearing Glasses?
              No 4/7
              Yes 3/2

              Will the Winner Be From East/West of Mississippi River?
              East 2/3
              West 4/3

              The Championship Word Will Contain how Many Letters?
              Over 10.5 letters 2/3
              Under 10.5 letters 4/3

              Will the Championship Word Contain an "E" in it?
              Yes 5/9
              No 8/5

              Will the Championship Word Have Alternate Pronunciations?
              No 2/7
              Yes 3/1

              Added after 45 minutes:

              *Round 13*
              down to 2 girls (neither wears glasses)
              last word spelled: recrementitious

              Added after 15 minutes:

              its over!
              took 19 rounds
              championship word: ursprache

              damn i'm lame.


              • I try not to kill spiders as much as they creep me out because they kill all the other bugs that I hate just as much, let that spider live and he will kill all the other bugs in your place.
                We'll fuck standing and we'll fuck then lying, if they had wings we'll fuck them flying, when they are dead and long forgotten we'll dig them up and fuck them rotten.
                Originally posted by auto-de-fe
                happy birthday, you bastard of bastards.


                • I would take that stance, except the spiders at my house don't kill shit! I hate the summer... so many fucking mosquitos.


                  • all right. seriously, fuck spiders. i saw another black one in the hallway. tried to spray it down. 3 times. then it swung into the fucking linen/towel closet. the closet right by my room. and i can't fucking find it. i'm not exaggerating - i will NOT be able to rest easy 'til i find it.


                    • Like Spider-Man... just wanted that noted...


                      • the original spider-man . . . back when he was an evil son of a bitch . . .

                        Added after 6 minutes:

                        don't worry zah, jesus will save you
                        Originally posted by kata rokkar


                        • Hahaha. Thanks, js. Thanks, Jesus.

                          So, Scott Lucas (singer/guitarist of Local H) was on this internet radio show today. Such a great 2 hours. Except I actually tried recording the fucking thing using SOUND RECORDER. I had to hit "record" every 60 sec. Such a waste of time, especially 'cause some other dude on the Local H board ended up recording it. He posted an MP3 of a new song Scott played acoustically, and it's a crisp/clear recording. Plus, the host ended up posting that they'll have a download of the whole show available soon. Would have been nice if he let everybody know that BEFOREHAND. Durrr.

                          I can't wait for the Local H show next Friday. It's going to be awesome. Scott Lucas solo acoustic opening AND a special limited edition B-Sides and Rarities CD.

                          Added after 12 hours 33 minutes:

                          Man, if it weren't for music, I'd be in jail for starting a mass-murder cult.


                          • Wow, this is amazing. I was pulling weeds all day at work yesterday (I have a shitty summer help job, but it pays great) and I saw about 20 spiders. All different colors and sizes. Killed quite a few of them, some were really fast though.
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                            • blah . . . long night, fellas. it's almost 4 AM, and i just got home about 10 minutes ago. my cous and i hung out with a mutual friend, and...i dunno. it was just a weird, odd hangout (too lazy to explain). he took us to some cafe place (which was an all right place. he was preoccupied about some waitress there) and then we walked around this one beach (that was nice...calm, quiet...wish i had some place like that around my area...i'd be there all the time). then, for whatever fucking reason, he didn't take the same route home, turned left on some street, and got us fucking lost. sucks 'cause my stomach is burning from hunger, but i should just try to get some sleep (even though i'm sort of wide awake).

                              now, i feel like i have to stop by his work tomorrow just to make sure he's doing all right (again, too lazy to explain - he's in a weird place right now). it's not that i really mind...but tonight's hang out is just so discombobulating.

                              i feel like i'm making no fucking sense right now. all i know is that my mind is racing with millions of thoughts and i have no idea how to sort them. all i really want is some sleep.

                              blah. it's sunday. sundays suck.


                              • You're right. I don't exactly understand. Hope everything works out, though.