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  • Yeah, same here. Though not as much lately. Not that I've lost interest in checking out new/"new" music, but I dunno...

    Added after 2 minutes:

    hmmm. this kid might hit the sack in a bit. i need to expire for a few hours.


    • re: ................


      If the sack punches back... just use the backhand technique.


      Added after 1 minutes:

      Tomorrow is Tuesday.

      Tuesday's are shice...

      I'll see all of the invisi-people then.




      • tuesdays are a'right.

        Added after 51 seconds:

        but yeah, i'm off for now.

        the cool side of the pillow is the best.

        see ya around.


        • I was asleep already... but I got woken up...


          • *sighs*

            Sleep sounds wonderful, but I'm wide awake and have been since 5:30am.

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            • I slept 16 hours yesterday in total.
              I was supposed to be on a nightshift, that was changed to a dayshift today.. So basicly, I slept 8 hours, got up was awake for 7 hours.. whent to bed and slept 8 more.. No wonder I had freaky dreams


              • i'd like to be sleeping right now as well....but i'm getting paid instead. ........trying to figure out if it's really worth it or not....:P

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                hey ooga,

                you have the 'A beautiful Lie' cd from 30 seconds to mars?

                if so, what are the titles of the last 2 tracks? there's 12 on my cd, but the case & web site only have listings for 10....
                Originally posted by Lye In Your Eye
                you're pretty narcissistic
                enjoy that, nobody else does.
                Originally posted by Madklikor
                You call me ignorant? LOL...Stop judging right you or you're gonna find me


                • You ever wake up and think, "Damn, this isn't worth it?"

                  I'm such a ray of fuckin' sunshine. WOO!

                  Added after 5 minutes:

                  It's all a sham. But, damn, it's oh so fuckin' funny.

                  Added after 3 minutes:

                  This one house that's diagonally across the street from mine has 2 dogs. 1 dog always runs off and stuff. It's pretty funny to hear the lady yelling her head off at him. "SPIKE! SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE! GET BACK HERE! SPIIIIIIIKE!" You'd think she'd get it by now.

                  Like, yesterday, he ran into the street to sniff another dog's ass, and she's all yelling at him. It was pretty funny.

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                  • Mislabelled song in my recently played tracks list! wooh


                    • that's...great.


                      • So, I made a playlist with a song from a band starting with each letter in the alphabet, backwards.. Next 4 tracks
                        Ozzie Ozbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain
                        Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - As I sat sadly by her side
                        Megadeth - Last Rites/Loved to Deth
                        Live - Forever May Not Be Long Enough

                        <3 diverse musical tastes

                        Added after 4 minutes:

                        As I sat sadly by her side

                        aww man, that song is so beautiful :cry: :cry: :cry: :emo:


                        • Originally posted by Knifeboy
                          <3 diverse musical tastes
                          That's the way to be.


                          • Oh , so that's how it is. I log on an everyone stop posting? Fine by me!
                            I don't need other people to uphold a conversation

                            Edit: hahah.. Damnit!


                            • Aaaa. I see how it is. I AM nobody here. I knew that already though.


                              • my is faulty. It didn't aknowledge the Nick Cave song.. Booh!