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  • Holiday Songs

    Are there any particular cover versions or original holiday songs you guys like?

    I'm going to do a cd of contemporary songs and one of older songs this year...

    My contemporary one is looking like this so far (no set order):

    Copeland - Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Funeral For A Friend - Miracle Of Christmas
    J.R. Richards (Dishwalla) - First Christmas
    Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    Far ft. Chino Moreno - Feed The World (Do They Know It's Christmas?)
    Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Let's Boogie To The Elf Dance!
    Ben Folds Five - Lonely Christmas Eve
    The Polyphonic Spree - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
    Jason Gleason - Sleigh Bells & Wine
    Powder - Christmas Don't Be Late (Chipmunk Song)
    Sufjan Stevens - Put The Lights On The Tree
    Bright Eyes - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    InMemory - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
    Sufjan Stevens - O Come O Come Emmanuel
    Phantom Planet - Winter Wonderland
    Belasana - Bittersweet Eve
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    Re: Holiday Songs

    only ones i
    can think of
    are "christmastime"
    by the pumpkins
    and "don't shoot
    me santa" by
    the killers


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      Re: Holiday Songs

      Carol of the Bells and Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy by any modern artist are all I need.

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      seeing how i'm a pompous asshole, AND a rapist.. Do you really have to ask?


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        Re: Holiday Songs

        Definitely check out This Good Night Is Still Everywhere EP by Dustin Kensrue
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          Re: Holiday Songs

          blueneck's christmas ep.
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          I appreciate your distrust in the machine that is the medicinal industry

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            Re: Holiday Songs

            Chris Cornell - Ave Maria

            I don't have the time it takes to recover from the day
            I sit and moan and mope and groan and never have my say
            A crown of thorns from which is born a little baby bird
            To fly away and have its day is nothing but absurd


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              Re: Holiday Songs

              Zebrahead - Deck the Halls (I Hate Christmas)


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                Re: Holiday Songs

                Originally posted by AnewKINDofFEELING View Post
                Heard this before... Love it and forgot to list it
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                  Re: Holiday Songs

                  I've never looked in to many contemporary Christmas songs. I love the classics. I'm hoping to record white christmas and Auld Lang Syne soon. If anything I'm going to record Auld Lang Syne. I love that song.
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                  Semen and anger... definitely dredg fans.
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                  stretch marks are a big ol cosmic thumbs up.