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  • Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

    Just wondering how you rank your favorite shows ever. I'm too lazy right now to find specific dates but here's a quick band list...

    1) David Gilmour
    2) Sigur Ros (Takk Tour)
    3) Tool (10,000 Days)
    4) Incubus (Morning View Tour)
    5) dredg (Milwaukee Show)
    6) Explosions in the Sky
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    I have a type. I like hot bitches.

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    Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

    no particular order:

    mewithoutyou (denver)
    russian circles
    tool (lateralus, tulsa)
    red sparowes
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    I appreciate your distrust in the machine that is the medicinal industry

    but pops gotta get his viagra


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      Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

      Bump Back To Normal...
      Originally posted by Ars Sycro
      I have a type. I like hot bitches.


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        Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

        there is a normal on this board?
        Originally posted by Knifeboy
        I appreciate your distrust in the machine that is the medicinal industry

        but pops gotta get his viagra


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          Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

          Not really, I was just trying to put the front page back to it's almost original self before I old thread bumped everything...
          Originally posted by Ars Sycro
          I have a type. I like hot bitches.


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            Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

            david gilmour - amsterdam
            tool - lateralus
            type o negative in 93, my first concert
            dredg - omaha
            NIN and APC - St Paul or Minneapolis
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              Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

              Bjork/Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bank of America Pavilion (was Fleet Boston Pavilion, but who's keeping track?) 2003 - THE best show I've ever been to. No explanation needed.

              onelinedrawing/Amanda Rogers/Fairweather (did full band version of Savory with Jonah Matranga) /theSTART/The Reunion Show - The Palladium Worcester, MA 2004 - Huge fan of ALL the bands and they all tore it up.

              Deftones - Axis, Boston 2004 - I was in the front row and sang into the mic during My Own Summer. They were just phenomenal and on point.

              dredg/Circa Survive/Pale Pacific/Delta Activity - The Phoenix, Petaluma, CA 2005 - all bands were unbelievable. Particularly dredg.

              Hatebreed/Glassjaw/Converge/Skinless/God Forbid - The Station, Portland, ME 2002 - the hardcore show to end all hardcore shows

              Sean Hayes - some guys roof deck in Cambridge, MA 2006 - I was taken by his voice and passion in the music he played. The atmosphere and the music combined was perfect.

              System of a Down, Incubus, Mr. Bungle, Puya - Poughkeepsie, NY 2000
              Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Poughkeepsie, NY 2001
              Gratitude (with members of New End Original) farewell tour - Boston, MA 2005
              Saul Williams, Buddy Wakefield - Waltham, MA 2008
              Jeremy Enigk - Allston, MA 2008
              Bjork, Konono - NYC, 2007
              dredg, Codeseven, STUN, Strata - Worcester, MA 2002?
              Ozzfest 2004 - Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Superjoint Ritual, Black Label Society, Slipknot, hatebreed, lamb of god, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Lacuna Coil, Every Time I Die, Unearth, God Forbid, Otep, Devil Driver, Magna-Fi, Throwdown and darkest hour <-- this may get some eyes rolling. But I went with my brother and my cousin and I can't remember having so much fun at a festival.

              However, I am seeing Radiohead next weekend and Sigur Ros in October. So this list is subject to change.
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                Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                Dredg - (Soon after El Cielo) At some bar in Asbury Park,NJ there could not have been more than 250 people there.

                Tool - (Soon after Lateralus) At the Wahovia Center in Philadelphia. My first and best Tool experience, even if I got stuck in Philly and had to take a $70 taxi ride to get back to college.

                Stone Temple Pilots (Approx 8 - 10 years ago) - Some summer festival. I will always maintain their live show is head and shoulders above 98% of any other bands I'd have a desire to see.


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                  Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                  Top five in no particular order:

                  Holy Fuck
                  Porcupine Tree
                  Last spot is pretty much split between Radiohead/Electric Six/Rammstein/Die Anarchistiche Abendunterhaltung


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                    Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                    dredg - Omaha 5/5/05

                    A Perfect Cirlce - Lincoln 12/18/04 - Last show before Christmas, Maynard was dressed as Santa all night and throwing out cookies. Covered Freds Got Slacks by Will Farrell and Master of Puppets...weird funny awesome show

                    Mitch Hedberg - Kansas City 2/14/05 - Who would have known he would die a month later RIP

                    Rx Bandits - Lawrence 7/17/06 - AWESOME SHOW! And it was the when I was introduced to State Radio whom would become one of my very favorite bands.

                    Deftones w/ Special Guests - 12/18/06 - Wasn't excited to see this show until a week prior when I found out the special guests = Glassjaw..first time to see them.
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                      Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                      not enough time now..but still what remains my alltime favorite show is the Pain of Salvation American Debut show in Feb 2001 at ProgPowerUSA. 2.5 hours til 2:15Am on 3+ hours sleep. People left in tears.




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                        Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                        dredg - Memphis.......2005, I think.

                        Gogol Bordello and Dub Trio - New Orleans, last year

                        Porcupine Tree - Atlanta (when John Wesley opened)...mushrooms made it special....

                        Mew - Vancouver, April 2007

                        Rush - Nashville, comeback tour

                        Gregg Wright - random shows at Phil Brady's Bar in Baton Rouge (seriously, if he ever comes near you, go see him. It's like Hendrix never died.)

                        Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age - New Orleans, VoodooFest right after Katrina (Trent just seemed to really be feeling it in his adopted home).
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                          Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                          Nine Inch Nails - (With Teeth Tour 06) 6/26/06
                          Roger Waters Performing Dark Side of the Moon - 10/06
                          Gwar - Sounds of the Underground 07
                          Queens of the Stone Age - 10/20/07

                          NIN puts on the most energetic and spectacular live show this side of Gwar

                          Roger many great memories, 3 hours of Pink Floyd. First concert I ever jsut sat back and purely enjoyed the music, phased out the crowd and everything. Man, Any Colour You Like is such a great song...

                          Gwar, what more needs to be said? My friends and I left the show looking like Rainbow many liquids spraying the crowd, fucking sweet

                          Queens of The Stone Age, great sound, great music, great show, didn't want to leave
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                            Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                            Blink 182, Cypress Hill, Taking Back Sunday - Atlanta @ Lakewood Ampitheatre - May 2004

                            Dredg, STUN, Codeseven, Strata - Athens @ 40 Watt Club - May 31, 2003

                            Coheed and Cambria, Blood Brothers, dredg, mewithoutYou - Atlanta @ The Tabernacle - October 21, 2005

                            Mudvayne, Taproot - Atlanta @ The Masquerade - 2002

                            Thursday, Minus The Bear, mewithoutYou - Atlanta @ The Loft - May 16, 2006

                            dredg, Portugal. The Man - Santa Cruz @ The Catalyst - September 14 & 15, 2006

                            Brand New, Kevin Devine, Manchester Orchestra - Kansas City @ Beaumont Club - 2007

                            Rx Bandits, Portugal. The Man, Maps & Atlases - Lawrence @ The Bottleneck - August 9, 2008
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                              Re: Your Favorite Concerts Ever!!!

                              dredg @ snocore tour 2003: just so much mystery and fascination revealed at this show. my first time seeing them and despite the shortness of the set it was truly a mystical experience. i knew nothing about the band before this except that they had put out two of the best records i had ever heard. throw in glassjaw and sparta and you have a winner. honorable mention for a dredg show goes to: the headlining show just a few months after this tour in front of about 40 people on a sunday afternoon with woven, the catalyst shows in 06, the GAMH show in april 07, the hoobastank tour in seattle (just a really nice venue, and a really nice day), and the aladdin theater in portland in 05. oh and the sleepytime gorilla museum show.

                              sigur ros at the benaroya hall in seattle. the paramount show was great too, but this one is more memorable for some reason.

                              deftones on the white pony tour.

                              explosions in the sky on the earth is not a cold dead place tour.

                              subtle a few months ago at the nectar lounge. 5th time seeing them, this time it was just a little bit harder to pick my jaw up off the floor.

                              regina spektor in '04 at the crocodile cafe. my first 21 and over show and i went by myself with a fake ID. just an amazing show that came at just the right time for me.

                              sage francis/gruvis malt on the live band/dead poet tour in '03. amazing performer amazing poet amazing everything. a legend.

                              denali just a couple of months before they broke up. standing in the front row being mesmerized by maura davis' eyes, listening to her voice perfectly on point was truly a surreal experience.

                              gogol bordello at either of the three shows i saw them. probably at bumbershoot since it was an outdoor stage and therefore the most comfortable temperature wise. they bring it every time.

                              muse at a small club in seattle. they just have amazing sound live that is just as good as their records. matt bellamy may have denied my request for an autograph, but his musicianship made up for it on this night.

                              team sleep in 2002. their first tour. no music had been heard except for two 30 second clips of dj crook's beats. just a lot of mystery and fascination. this was at the height of my deftones obsession. it was an introduction into a whole new realm of music for myself.
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