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  • RIP noclevername

    Not sure how many of you knew Brian off the board, but he passed earlier this morning. I don’t have all of the details, but just wanted others to know since I know he talked to some of you on other forums. 

    Brian and I became reasonably good friends through this board, and we met up a number of times at local dredg or Black Map shows, road tripped to a few dredg shows and also saw some wrestling events near and far together. The last time I got to hang with him was when AEW came through KC in February 2020. 

    If you have any memories you want to share, feel free below. 
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    Originally posted by TheRuleofThree
    Very well - you caught me in a rare mistake. I commend you for achieving this elite honor.

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    I saw the post about him passing, but I didn't realize he was noclevername. I never had the pleasure of meeting him as I tended to stick to shows in the southeast, but he was always very pleasant here, even when I wasn't. RIP, Brian.
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      I don't venture on social media or forums or anything much anymore. So logging in today and seeing this was tough. Brian and I used to chat a good amount back in the day. Sadly I never got to meet him in person. RIP Brian. 
      - Jon

      Originally posted by gderd
      dredg is the music I always searched for, the music that keeps in your mind the whole time, the music you remember when you're doing everything, it's the different music. the heart music


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        I do remember his name, but I wish my memory were better if I ever met him (out in Santa Cruz?), or elsewhere. Very sorry to hear regardless. I'd have to read through some history to remember him better.