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  • How I found dredg

    I'm a semi-new fan of dredg.

    I'm a big fan of alt. rock (or whatever dredg is...) However, I've always had a bit of an issue finding new bands similar to ones I already have. In the past, I didn't want to branch out because it cost me money (in the form of CD's). Of course on-line resources (, myspace,etc) have been around for a while, but I've never really liked using those methods to find music. It almost seemed forced, and the quality of the music streaming was always noticeably low-quality.

    However, last year, I was exposed to the wonderful world of private bittorrent trackers from a friend across the US in LA. These private sites are a nexus of high-quality music, and a very large community of people who absolutely love music (many of which have bands of their own... I know Trent Reznor is on a couple of these sites). I particularly love it because the admins on the site hold very strict quality standards, so you can be guaranteed that the music will be very good in quality. Better even then the stuff you get from iTunes (unless you go for the lossless stuff).

    Without this private website (which is free of charge, but you must be invited to join), I would have never heard of dredg. I'm not sure how I missed you guys, because you'd think the clean sharp music you guys make would be right in line with the big rock names. Either way, that Isn't important. About 5 of my friends are on the same private Bit Torrent site I am on, and through a users-who-downloaded-this-also-downloaded-these column, saw your band's name below a recent Chevelle album). It seems like these things are never terribly accurate, but you guys showed up fairly close, so I clicked through and downloaded a high-quality version of "Leitmotif", and took a listen. And absolutely loved it. Instantly. That NEVER happens with me.

    That was about 8 or so weeks ago. Since downloading the album, 4 or so of my other friends have downloaded the album, also from the same site I did. We have all now added dredg to the list of bands we will be seeing every time they are in or even just near the Orlando, Florida area. And I will be buying a T-shirt at each show I go to from now on. I missed the last show, but the one before that I was absolutely floored by how much fun it was. Never before had a band allowed two members of the audience actually play part of the set!

    I'm not sure what you guys think about file sharing. I'm sure unless you are part of the few of the artists who embrace the changing music marketplace, you hate it. But I'm here to ask you to embrace it. If it weren't for this amazing website, you'd have at least 5 less fans. 5 fans who will be buying shirts at your next show since we don't buy music. Including ticket prices thats at least a couple hundred bucks right there, at one show. My other friends have been to more of your shows than I have, so that's not even considering that.

    I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think about it.