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  • drew - a request

    As if you don't get them each night (cue obnoxious guy yelling random song title)...

    I saw you guys in Iowa City in 2002. I saw you guys in Minneapolis in 2006. I saw you again earlier this month in Iowa City. I will see you again in Des Moines in April.

    Instead of requesting a particular song, I will ask if there is a shot you will play something from Leitmotif. It appears you have all moved on from that and you have to squeeze soomething out for the new material. Anything from Leitmotif. Just a request. I am 0 for 3 in hearing L'echium performed live. Any shot?

    If not, I will still enjoy the show all the same but I figured it's worth a shot.


    Thanks for returning to Iowa. If you don't mind random people coming up to you perhaps next time instead of drinking beer with the wife and looking casual right across from you guys I'll step up and introduce myself.