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dredg is back in the studio!!!

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    Originally posted by Kyte30351 View Post

    I guess I missed it. What was it?
    it was a bunch of clips, including one that sounded like Wonderous Miracle. Some of the people on the Facebook Group "Immersed in dredg" were going apeshit over it, but knowing it would be gone soon because of the way those clips are only on Instragram for a limited time.



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      Mark just did an interview with Guitar World and dredg is brought up at the end of it...

      Outside of Black Map, both [dredg guitarist-vocalist] Gavin [Hayes] and yourself have mentioned that you’ve been working on new dredg songs in the studio. How’s the future of dredg looking?

      “It’s very simple: we’re very much alive. Right now, my main focus is on [Melodoria] – I’m enjoying being on the road with Black Map; it’s been incredible – but dredg is very much alive. I have two bands.

      “We don’t have a timeline yet, but we have new material. We have a book/memoir boxset coming out eventually, too, but there will be a new dredg record. That’s for sure.”
      Originally posted by Ars Sycro
      I have a type. I like hot bitches.


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        Yeah I saw that, but I don’t like the bit about there not bein’ a timeline.
        Originally posted by Gnomad
        How many dredg fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

        Seven. One to change it, five to complain that the old one was better, and one talk about Gavins weight.