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  • Forum Update

    A slight update was done this evening to ensure we were off an EOL (end of life) version of PHP. Some slight changes were needed to remove some deprecation warnings going from PHP 5.2 to 5.3. I will be attempting another upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4 shortly which should guarantee this forum works for at least 2 more years.

    The forum isn't active enough for me to warrant investing in a proper upgrade of the forum system, at least until there is further word of a future album.

    Please post any issues you encounter. This post should verify that posting works, and I will attempt a reply to ensure that works as well.
    Test reply.
    Now on 5.4. Attempting one other optimization that should not have any effect on the operability of the site.
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    Originally posted by TheRuleofThree
    Very well - you caught me in a rare mistake. I commend you for achieving this elite honor.

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    Re: Forum Update

    Thank you Sir, for your efforts. I hope this forum comes alive again. Dredg is too good to fade away into obscurity.
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      Re: Forum Update

      Thx! We already lost the Sizeboard last year, wouldn't want Traversing to go. So, should be enough reason for Dredg to start making an album


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        Re: Forum Update

        Thanks for keeping it together, Ars. I really miss this forum in its heyday. There was a Smashing Pumpkins forum I used to post on and met many good friends on that eventually disappeared into nothingness and it really makes me sad to think about it.
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