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    Re: New old dredg videos

    Originally posted by evasivetear View Post
    dunno, i've posted mp3s for that song quite a few times since then. should be up on that rare songs / b-sides site that halcyon put up.
    This is what happens when I don't pay attention. Then again, it's easy enough to miss a live version of a song that has no studio equivalent, I guess. At least it's not like I'm just finding out about Stone By Stone.
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      Re: New old dredg videos

      yes. that would be quite silly
      Originally posted by Lye In Your Eye
      you're pretty narcissistic
      enjoy that, nobody else does.
      Originally posted by Madklikor
      You call me ignorant? LOL...Stop judging right you or you're gonna find me


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        Re: New old dredg videos

        I noticed mark laughing into the guitar pickups when I saw the triangle rockpalast video a while back. I may have see him do it live, I saw them in 2005 and he may have been doing it then but I don't recall.
        just sayin'...