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    Re: Download the new rips here.

    after listening to the information rip a few times i searched youtube and found the coacahella version, and damn that two minutes they left out really make the song so much greater, so anyone who doesn't like the radio version, listen to this live version:

    I didn't care about the song but now I just can't wait for the album version


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      Re: Download the new rips here.

      Originally posted by Ars Sycro View Post
      Megaupload is the worst now. Their CAPTCHA always takes me like 10 tries.
      It's not that bad, you just gotta read in between the lines.

      Originally posted by Knifeboy
      seeing how i'm a pompous asshole, AND a rapist.. Do you really have to ask?


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        Re: Download the new rips here.

        mediafire is a 1st choice generally for me..megaupload is better than rapidshit mainly just due to the wait time and limits that rapidshit enforces.



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          Re: Download the new rips here.

          Yousendit never really gets mentioned here, but I've used it for years with no real problems.
          I don't have the time it takes to recover from the day
          I sit and moan and mope and groan and never have my say
          A crown of thorns from which is born a little baby bird
          To fly away and have its day is nothing but absurd


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            Re: Download the new rips here.

            yousendit used to be much better

            i prefer sendspace now
            Originally posted by Lye In Your Eye
            you're pretty narcissistic
            enjoy that, nobody else does.
            Originally posted by Madklikor
            You call me ignorant? LOL...Stop judging right you or you're gonna find me