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THE HEART OF AN EXPLOSION (written 2009.02.27-03.03)

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  • THE HEART OF AN EXPLOSION (written 2009.02.27-03.03)

    Firstly, I just wanna point out that I haven't had any alcohol in about 2 months so my brain has been racing like a mother while its trying to "heal"...and it's racing particularly fast right now as I'm typing this. Also, it seems as though I'm as clear-headed consciously as I've ever been in my life and it's something I'm not used to at all so I figure I better get these thoughts out while I can. But I've noticed that in this state, words can be very hard to put together (unlike my usual subconscious state where words can just simply be confining, restricting and most importantly, PRISON!) so I'm gonna try my best with the English language in attempting to explain who I am and where I came from and then lock myself up again after I post this...which includes a few tangents (all of which add up to the length of about 6 dsv novels...maybe 7).

    I put this mix together around the time I moved away from home for the first time. It was a couple months after the attacks of 9/11*. Half of it is mainly instrumental so if having no vocals bothers you, too to be you. Its my mix, not yours so I can't give you my mind and make you like it but from my experiences, I enjoy it the same way I do El Cielo - in a relaxed but serious/down mood from start to finish w/o skipping around or doing anything else (LIKE LYING IN BED FOR INSTANCE!). But I know that can be hard to do these days, especially with technology speeding everything up, including life...and death **. Personally, its hard for me to relax a lot of the time cuz I can get bored or agitated pretty easily. Nonetheless, its a mix that I still hold very close to my heart...sorry, I meant mind & soul...and I'm just trying to supply what I can to the board (even though its not "progressive") in what seems to be troubled times for some people. If only one person likes only one song in the mix, thats better than nothing...*** Open-minded patience is all I can really ask for. That is, if you care...