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    ***At the very least, it can maybe give you an idea of where my personality on this board came from and slowly evolved into

    (keeping in mind that I:
    1. Have always been a loner/dreamer and never really "grew up" consciously
    2. Respected the hell out of everyone here (zah, Ooga, evasive and Gnomad in particular)
    3. Love Jason Voorhees and hate Freddy Krueger
    4. (still) Rank El Cielo as far and away my favorite record of all time. Its weird though because I love it so much, I rarely ever listen to it...simply because its so sacred to me and I like to save it for special occasions...something I don't really have time for anymore?)

    up until my long absence after I lost my mind...which had a lot to do with my PERSONALITY CHANGE. One thing that didn't change was my WANT (not need) for alcohol though...maybe a third time's a charm? I guess we'll have to wait and see if the time ever comes...