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So my friend and I made a "Best of Dredg"...

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  • So my friend and I made a "Best of Dredg"...

    And he wrote out a concept/storyline for the new "album" we had created. Just thought you may be interested. I'm going to see if he'll join up here.

    Originally posted by Jon
    i took the cd we made and changed up the song names. since the cd already flows flawlessly, i wanted to put a story behind it. the story parallels the leitmotif story, where Gavin (or whomever) learns he must travel in search of a spirit to gain knowledge and clarification. i also intertwined some of the ideas from el cielo and made the protagonist also experience the dream problems that the random people had. here's what i did.

    symbol song/movement one = preface: dream one
    yahataze/90 hour sleep = the day that never was
    del torro = kayasuma (i know it's already a song name)
    on again, off again = movement i: an unlikely encounter
    whoa is me = dream two (dry lake bed)
    scissor lock = sleep paralysis (cd name, tentatively)
    hungover = movement ii: the search for a cure
    stationary transient = departure
    walk in the park = dream three (relentless pressure)
    jamais vu = jamais vu (no change, awesome name)
    matroshka/the ornament = release
    18 people = movement iii: a resurrection of art
    sorry, but it's over = seduction for destruction
    new heart shadow = yuta
    sang real = outward naturalization
    movement iii/penguins/rr = the spirit of the arctic
    the canyon behind her = enlightenment (overture)

    PREFACE: DREAM ONE/THE DAY THAT NEVER WAS - in the beginning, he awakes from a dream, another disturbing, unsettling dream, where he finds himself drowning and at loss for oxygen. upon awakening, he realizes his life is, essentially, the same repeating day and that "the day that never was" is the day that "could have been". he needs change and a release from his nightmarish unconcious

    KAYASUMA/MOVEMENT I: AN UNLIKELY ENCOUNTER - he finds himself searching for an answer, and finally receives a message in his daydream from a wise man named Kayasuma. but he only remembers bits and pieces of the conversation when he snaps out his daydream. out on the street, a homeless man stops him and gives some rather strange, yet interesting advice. this triggers his remembrance of Kayasuma's message, and believes the homeless man is being used as a channel. Our protaginist soon realizes his journey, in searching for the spirit of yuta, and sets out.

    DREAM TWO/SLEEP PARALYSIS/MOVEMENT II: SEARCH FOR A CURE - in his second dream of the story, he is haunted by yet another series of unsavory images. but his dream is also like another message, one to which he cannot connect the pieces. after almost unconciously suffocating, he pulls himself together and heads out, searching for an answer to his problem (still in a dream)

    DEPARTURE/DREAM THREE (RELENTLESS PRESSURE) - after awaking, he decides his actions must be set in motion promptly. taking the keen advice of Kayasuma, he sets out by foot and by sea, taking primitive forms of transportation, on his solo journey. he travels inexpensively so that he may get in touch with the spirit of nature, distancing himself from the problems and hassles intertwined with living in a city. he has another strangulating dream, from which he violently awakens. from then, he decides he will not rest until he reaches his destination.

    JAMAIS VU/RELEASE - furthering his journey, he arrives at a temple. the temple is nothing more than reincarnations of the things he left behind in the city. he confronts many of his inner demons and finds his little niche in society and nature. he takes comfort in this... his release

    MOVEMENT III: A RESURRECTION OF ART/SEDUCTION FOR DESTRUCTION - still without sleep, he leaves the temple and sets out. yet, he feels somewhat revitalized by his innerspirit's energy. he feels the temperature drop and can almost feel his closeness to yuta's presence. he is stopped short in his tracks by an area of man touched by man. not just touched, destroyed. this disturbs him, but he takes a bit of nature (seed) and intends on replanting some of his journey upon his return home.

    OUTWARD NATURALIZATION/YUTA - pretty much the same as above. outward naturalization being spreading the seed. yuta is about his gradual closeness to the spirit he can sense.

    THE SPIRIT OF THE ARCTIC - the most grueling and final chapter in the journey. he is well past exhaustion, half-numb, and feels sleep looming ahead. at last, he slumps to the ground, his muscles no longer cooperating. in his mind, he calls out, since he his physically unable to force words. a bold voice breaks the silence. it is yuta's spirit. our protagonist takes the words of spiritual wisdom in, each phrase a fresh breath of air. yuta tells him he has accomplished much and will ultimately be rewarded for his personal sacrifice to reunite with nature. he is commended and instructed to return home, where he will be able to find peace within the unruly societal boundaries back home.

    ENLIGHTENMENT (OVERTURE) - filled with wisdom and insight, he heads home, overcoming weariness and exhaustion. he travels back home fulfilled and aware of his new strength. arriving back in the city, he soon finds solace in the pillow, and dreams for 90 hours. his dreams are peaceful and unperturbed.

    so yeah, that's the story. the song names work with the story too, cuz some of them are just lyrics in the song, or bits from other song names, switched up a little in order. of course you have say in song names, but i thought the story thing was a cool touch.
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      This is sad.

      "he confronts many of his inner demons and finds his little niche in society and nature. he takes comfort in this... his release"

      I release....myself all over this topic.


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        I'm pathetic? Psh...