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Welcome to the new Traversing!

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    Re: Welcome to the new Traversing!

    Originally posted by evasivetear View Post
    yeh, we wan to do something different with the link color...or at the very least, the color of links that have new topics in them...but we havne't found anything suitable yet....
    After using the board a lil, I do think with-in threads the link roll over status should change. Maybe to a brighter shade of the colour you have now?

    I honestly feel not all the links should change on hover state though, else it'll get a bit blinding to trawl through.

    If all else fails, make it hover over bold and resize the font to 150% what it is now so everything explodes!
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      Re: Welcome to the new Traversing!

      yah, that's kinda the idea i had. i just gotta find some time to do it while i'm not at i am now...ha
      Originally posted by Lye In Your Eye
      you're pretty narcissistic
      enjoy that, nobody else does.
      Originally posted by Madklikor
      You call me ignorant? LOL...Stop judging right you or you're gonna find me


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        Re: Welcome to the new Traversing!

        I'm a little late here, but the new design is awesome.