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  • A Quick Note on the Board

    This is overdue for many members (and ex-members) on here, and for that I apologize. Similarly, this is probably worth reading for anyone new or thinking about joining.

    There are really only a few moderators on this board, and we can't police what everyone says and does. We can delete posts, we can ban users, we can lock threads, we can edit what you said, but we can't force everyone to post at a certain level of respect, intelligence or grammar.

    But this is a very simple request, something that new users and old users (especially and including myself) could maybe all remember when you're here: there are a lot of people here from a lot of different backgrounds, and the one thing we all have in common is a mutual admiration and interest in a band. But we're bound to have a lot of differences in our opinions, senses of humor, education and upbringing. So please respect yourself and each other in your discussions here, and try not to lose sight of that as long as you're here.
    Originally posted by Gnomad
    I think we're forgetting one huge factor in all of this.

    Super God.
    Originally posted by auto-de-fe
    do you think we can get a sticky for this thread so that i can constantly be reminded how much of a dick theruleofthree is?