- i'll never leave this place, the place where i was born.

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home > credits is a volunteer, fan-run effort. You can contact us from our contacts page if you would like to.

Past Helpers
In the past, key contributions to the site were made by the following individuals: Shane Kleindienst, Jessie from, G. Schwender, apenguininthedesert, WithoutmyJade, Ryan McGinty,, and the fans who have contributed throughout the time the site has been online.

To all the visitors of the's you who make this site possible. I would also like to thank all the dredg sites who came,,, streaming79's dredg site,, and a few others....

And finally...
Our deepest, most heartfelt thanks to dredg, for some of the most incredible music we have ever heard. Without them, obviously none of this would even exist.  You have inspired me and countless other fans to learn more about the world, its religions and philosophies, cultures, and art in general....thank you.

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