- i'll never leave this place, the place where i was born.

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Here we take an in-depth look at the album 'Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy"' by dredg. . These are our own thoughts and feelings towards this album, as we try to take a deeper look into the music, artwork, and other pieces as they relate to the album. We've taken conversations from the message board, the band, interviews, and posts they have made in various places into consideration, in an attempt to bring you the most complete picture we feel possible.

The Concept

"Quote from band regarding album."


The Masks

The Songs

01. Another Tribe

02. Upon Returning

03. The Tent

04. Somebody is Laughing

05. Down Without a Fight

06. The Ornament

07. The Thought of Losing You

08. Kalathat

09. Sun Goes Down

10. Where I'll End Up

11. Before It Began

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