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About the Site
This dredg page came about before "El Cielo" was released, and was at the beginning simply a single page that had all the information I could find about the concept of the dredg albums. Soon many people emailed me asking for anything else, lyrics, etc well as information about other dredg releases. I took this as a sign that I should end my work on my Incubus site,, and move my focus to a dredg, here it is, and we have enjoyed providing this information, and hope to do so for a long while to come.  Thanks for visiting.

Why Traversing?
Some people have asked, "Why call the site traversing?", and my answer is simple: traversing means to look over, reexamine, deeper, and with more thought then the simple look-see. This is precisely what we are attempting to do here. Therefore, in my mind, the title fits perfectly.

Legal Information

  • This is not an official site. Please see dredg's official homepage.
  • All third-party images are presumed to be copyrighted by their respective owners/creators.
  • Lyrics are copyrighted their respective authors or by dredg.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the content of linked pages.

Privacy does not support the transmission of Unsolicited Commercial Email (aka spam) in any way, shape, or form. We have never, do not, and will never sell any information about visitors, email writers, members of the news list, review submitters, or anyone else who visits or otherwise interacts with this site. For more information, see the full Privacy Statement and Terms Of Use.

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